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 As of July 8th, 2016 Deycore will no longer be selling parts, do to companies that we use to make the parts some went out of business and our main machining company can not make reliable parts that we can sell and ship around the world. We are working with a company that we have done business with since the start of deycore that will be able to meet all your parts needs so this should make it easy for you to continue to purchase parts quickly. You can get your parts through Deycore will continue to service shocks and turn them around in a very short time frame as we have over the years. Any questions please call the shop at 651-430-9642.

Deycore has been servicing most major brand name shocks (Fox/ACT, Ski-Doo, Ryde FX, and Walker Evans) for years, but these manufacturers are moving towards less durable, unserviceable, and more expensive shocks. At Deycore we make custom affordable rebuildable shocks that are made from parts we designed to help save you money. Our high pressure rebuildable shocks are custom made to your riding weight and riding/driving style.

Deycore is also the only US authorized dealer of many KYB/HPG snowmobile shock parts.